Speaking out against injustice and inequality is a universal right. Inspired by the poem Bol [Speak up] by Faiz Ahmed Faiz, Lubna has made the act of speaking out the central theme of this series. Faiz, in his poem, urges us to speak freely, speak with dignity and be unafraid to state the truth.

This set contains six paintings. Each painting contains the literal text accompanied by imagery evoked by the verse, using symbols and typography.

Hexaptych Paintings  7' x 2' (Combined)  Mixed media on canvas

Hexaptych Paintings

7' x 2' (Combined)

Mixed media on canvas

Speak up

Speak, your lips are still free. 
Speak, your tongue is still yours.

Your strong body is still your own, so
speak, while your soul is still yours.

See how in a blacksmith's shop,
the iron is red, and in the flames' heat

All the locks begin to open their mouths;
all the chains disperse.

Speak! This little time is so vast,
before the death of body and tongue.

Speak: truth is alive, even now.
Speak. Say what you must.